Feeling Late Winter

http://erickimphotography.com/This might strike a lot of you as strange, but I tend to feel a bit detached at this time of the year.  Almost lonely.  Well, yes…lonely.  Detached and lonely.

The days are getting longer, but remain cold; and soon worse than cold, clammy.  Everything is dingy and spent, much like showing up for a party a day late and finding an empty, sticky mess where once there might have been things alive and elegant.  This isn’t a place where you want to be.  And foreboding, too, feeling like a rehearsal for things yet to come.

I’m kicking it around…

Mornings feel especially bleak.  Deep in the winter season it is all still and deadly cold.  There’s a sharp reality in that.  And that’s good.  Plus the coziness of starting  the day, half awake, with coffee brewing and bread toasting is youth to me.  There is a sense of duty or something, a sense of purpose in getting oneself together to go out and face the day when the natural world still sleeps.  It’s quite human.  That suits me.

And now while I think about this, I get a sense that the indistinguishable sounds of traffic and other things that hum outside could be from another planet.  Those sounds are that far off and distant.  That’s the outside world passing by, going where it is going, and not needing or taking anything at all from me.  Kind of scary, isn’t it?  And especially haunting on these dull days, too, when all at once everything that was going to happen has happened and anything more is uncertain and waiting.

So I thought I would write about it and cheer up.

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One thought on “Feeling Late Winter

  1. MistressCinder

    Me I have always loved early morning to walk and get going. If have to be out in the cold, I would rather do it in the morning than in the dark at night. And in the summer, I love to see the sunrise as I hike and feel the early day as the animals and plants begin theirs. : )


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