I Drink a Lot

I drink a lot.  I drink whole milk, cartons of it every week, and twice as much orange juice and grapefruit juice.  I start with coffee and drink it all day.  If I have anything with mustard or anything Asian…Diet Coke.  I start my day with Alka Seltzer and sneak one in every so often just because I like it.  I even have a glass of wine or two, once in a while a beer.  In short, if you put it in front of me, I just might drink it.

So here’s a big problem.  More than anything I mentioned above, I drink Gerolsteiner.  I drink a couple liters a day!  And where is Gerolsteiner?  Not in my store!  We seem to have a Gerolsteiner crisis.  That’s not good.  I feel my brain dehydrating and my stomach going sour.  What on God’s green Earth has happened to Gerolsteiner?

I just don’t want to be cranky any more.  Bring me my Gerolsteiner.

(This post, by the way, explains why people don’t read this blog.  However smart people will scroll down through the posts and find things they like.  They will then share this with friends and family.)



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