Up North

2014-02-22 10.00.24Taking a little break in northwestern Wisconsin, a good place to put some perspective on things.  A good mix of people up here.  In fact I was going to draw a parallel with the woods — the mix of oak, pine, and birch — with the mix of people, but I spent the day before drinking pale ale and as a result things are not mixing all that well in my head.




Otherwise I am working on declensions of Possum, not the furry little animal with beady eyes, but the irregular Latin verb for “to be able.”   The future indicative active is especially tough and I’m not even sure what that means anyway.  But it can be fun to say:  Potuerimus!





Speaking of being able to do something, I discovered that I am still able to exert myself — excessively — and survive.  A snowmobile got stuck (several times in the span of 50 yards) in three feet of wind-blown snow.  Digging and lifting that thing out was work enough, but simply walking out of the woods to the road was twice as difficult.  In full view of my friends I could have suffered a heart attack and neither they could have reached me nor me reach them.  It would have been a slow — and dramatic? — demise in a broad sweep of white.



Thank god I made it.  I’m not ready to go yet.




As a matter of fact, I feel quite good.  Loose and limber.  More clear-headed than I should feel, too.  I might treat myself to a beer before getting back to possum study.

2014-02-22 19.35.34

Lakeside Fire, Des Moines Lake, Burnett County, Wisconsin. (Needs touch up.)




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