What I Am Doing Today…

Soon Enough...

Soon Enough…

Today, tomorrow, and for a few days beyond, I am considering some changes.  I might create a new blog, for example, one that is a little less “raw” and maybe a bit more organized, coherent, and edited.  Not sure.  The idea for this blog — over 700 posts ago — was to be a practice site.  I wanted to learn how to post and see if I could get a sense of what subjects I liked.

Well, I have certainly learned how to post, but I’m not sure if I have gone much beyond that.  It is time to refine things.

At the same time I have become acutely aware of a long list — a very long list — of unaccomplished plans and goals.  It seems to me that this might be the perfect time to step ahead into something a bit more sophisticated (or maybe even creative) on the blogging side and meld that with a strategy to get caught up on those plans and goals.

So I am thinking about this.

Today is a great day to start, too…even if it is yet another start.  We are expecting a heavy snowfall in Minneapolis.  There are few things as reassuring as a thick blanket of snow, it is calming and fresh.  Perfect for thought gathering.

Spring will be here soon enough.


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