Limited Government is the Goal. Change it.

United States CapitolRepublicans don’t try to hide it anymore.  The budget isn’t the issue.  We are not broke, we just don’t pay for what we have in order to justify cuts.  So why the cuts?  A good question too few people ask.  But the answer is clear and spoken:  An end to government as we know it.

This nation’s best decades parallel the years when the public sector thrived.  True, there was more equality and opportunity in the United States, but America isn’t about that any more.  Government doesn’t look after the people, it looks after the interests of those who have taken the most from our collective prosperity.

Ironically, most people favoring small government would not be where they are today without the big government we had in the past.  Reason and common sense — often the hope of liberalism — face a challenge, it is too subtle.

Liberals need to regroup and get aggressive.  We need more Clintons and Obamas about as much as we need more Reagans or Gingrichs.  Perhaps it is time to kick these takers in the balls and call them out for their mistakes.  That would be good — and refreshing — but a better strategy includes a strong, forward-thinking agenda.  The left has to do a better job engaging the people.

Blogs and rallies and event election campaigns are little more than background chatter.  It is akin to wringing your hands about the problem of bullying in schools and then quickly crossing the street when you see a kid being bullied down the street in front of you.

Divided States of AmericaIt might not be considered “polite” to talk politics, but when you think about it politics isn’t polite.  But the politics of limited government has become so familiar in public discourse that it hardly seems political anymore whether from the left or right.  In fact the left has embraced the idea to its demise, relegating liberals to a perpetually defensive strategy in American politics while electing milquetoast leaders which serve mostly as space holders in public office.

Liberalism in America is a identity waiting for a purpose.  It needs a goal — a liberal goal — not a light version of the opposition’s agenda.  Three decades of tepid liberalism has done more than allow the bad ideas regressive conservatives advance, it has also assisted that agenda.  That has to change.

In the end taking a strong stand might mean short-term losses and more damage to our country, but perhaps it is better to have it happen quickly and painfully rather than slowly soak into the fabric of American society.  Real liberals are dying off.  Young liberals know nothing but the Reagan legacy.  As it is now we are like the poor frog in a pot of water being brought to a boil.  As a society we are not noticing the heat rise and the end it will bring.  That, too, has to change.

Blogs won’t do it.  Politicians are not doing it.  People have to do it.  We need a smarter, more engaged populace.  And that’s kind of frightening.


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