Dieting on Curds and Whey

English: Homemade cottage cheese from milk and...

I cleaned up at the grocery store today — outstanding deals down every aisle! — but I forgot all about baked goods. (Other than bread, I bought a lot of that.)

I am on a diet, as you know, and baked goods are fine with a diet. They are the healthy snack, much like carrots. Feel the need for a little something sweet? Have a slice of pie. Want to quiet that noisy stomach? Eat cake. Feeling the need for a guilt-free treat? Try a brownie.

Instead I had a salad tonight. And leftover steak and mashed potatoes before that. The salad however was quite good. I forgot to add peas, alas, but I finally got around to opening a tub of cottage cheese and enjoyed that with my salad instead.

This cottage cheese is the good stuff…the “whole milk” of cottage cheese…and, even better, this particular tub is made with sea salt! (Take that Columbus!)

It’s the sea salt, I think, that made this cottage cheese so especially good. It had a “drier” consistency, like the way you expect a rubber sponge to bite down the first time you bite a rubber sponge and come up disappointed. A thick, dense, and even consistency, with a very unique and pleasant flavor, not unlike the flavor of old cheese. All the curds and little in the way of whey. Delicious.


Let me treat.

Ah, yes. So many “if onlys” come to mind….

And so because I haven’t any baked goods on hand — I finished my blueberry tart yesterday — I had the cottage cheese tonight and might eat more cottage cheese later. Why not? I deserve it. Plus I think I have deprived myself long enough. (Well, haven’t I?) This cottage cheese has been in the fridge since October. Surely it would cost more today than it did yesterday. Surely there is no point in storing it for a day longer. Am I right? Or am I wrong? Like all things uncomplicated and confusing, this is such a treat.

But I sure could go for a good bowl of cobbler. With peaches and cream.

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