When Movies Fail Me

When I don’t find a spooky film to watch — presuming I want to watch a spooky film — I just do a Google image search for creepy old pictures and make up my own story.  Works nearly every time.

And here’s tonight’s imagine-in-the-head feature:542-600x364

Tonight we see the last known photo of the Anderson family together…or at least the last photo of the Anderson family children. Mom and Dad Anderson finally delivered on the oft-promised family trip to California and Disney Land. And it was a beautiful trip, until things went horribly wrong.

Parents, wanting to get home quickly after a long week on the road with your little darlings whining and spitting in the back of the wagon mile after long mile is understandable, especially when you’re so close to home. But take heed. Your little ones want the most a vacation has to offer and — golly — don’t they deserve that? Shoot, they might not care either way. In fact they might be set on squeezing the most out of every moment with or without you, deserved or not.

Ask the Andersons. Perhaps the elder Andersons might have rethought skipping that last stop at McDonalds? Do you think? Hard to say. We can’t find them anywhere, but we did find their car…

Smile everyone.


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