Whistle While You Work

The famous "Heigh-Ho" sequence from ...

The famous “Heigh-Ho” sequence from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, animated by Shamus Culhane 

I wasn’t much in the mood to go on a call Monday, but when a client calls and wants to do business, what are you going to do?

While making the best of the situation I was singing the Seven Dwarfs’ Marching Song, or at least as much of it as as I know of it, while clearing snow from my car.

I really only know “Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go” with some do-do-dos, whistling and a “heigh ho” refrain that I’m is not part of the original.  (I’ll have to sing it to you.)

While whistling the”heigh ho” refrain I looked up and saw a young woman standing on the sidewalk, bundled up against the cold and smiling.  “Hi,” she said, and scurried away.  I kept brushing and singing.

Being caught singing Monday wasn’t quite as embarrassing as being caught singing “You Light Up My Life” to my cat.  That, I will admit, was a bit awkward.  My cat, however, while trying to appear otherwise, really did like that song.  We sang it many times.  Hey, it can’t be wrong, when it feels so right!

Anyway, earlier today I met a young couple on the sidewalk — my arms loaded with groceries so I was shuffling more than walking — and after we passed I heard giggles.  I looked over my shoulder and I saw they too were looking back at me.  Being a sharp guy, I then recognized the young woman as the person who caught me singing a couple days ago.  I gave as much of a wave as I could, dropping a sleeve of English muffins and a couple oranges as I did, and smiled.  They waved back.

I’m happy I can so easily add some simple joy a person’s life.  Isn’t that nice?  You bet it is!  Go whistle while you work!


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