Blogging as a Scrapbook or Should I Stick to My Door?

English: Example of a digital scrapbook page c...

This is a little out of my league.  And not very interesting.

Many weeks ago a comment suggested I take up scrapbooking.  I’m not sure if it was meant to be sarcastic or something else, and I didn’t give it much thought until a few minutes ago.  It turns out that I already do scrapbook!

Every room in my place is like a page in a book.  Even the doors serve that purpose.  As a matter of fact, once upon a time I had an impressive collection of notes, receipts, business cards, flyers and the like taped on my bathroom door.  I know, I know…it sounds horrible, like a school girl’s bulletin board (I have one of those too), but this took on a life of its own and in time became art, true art.

It started with a note about something I did not want to forget.  I taped it where I new I would see it:  The bathroom door.  That strategy worked and I got in the habit of taping notes on the door for all sorts of little reminders.

Then I got out of the habit of removing them.

Eventually I added a receipt that would remind me of a particularly nice night out or maybe a receipt from a gift I bought for someone special.  I would pin up notes left for me at the bar or on my windshield.  (“You’re in my spot, asshole!” was my favorite.)  All kinds of little things became an impressive omnium-gatherum.  I liked it.  I liked looking at random notes and remember things from time

Then a girlfriend, in a drunken tantrum, tore at my door with ridiculous fury and punched me in the mouth for good measure.  Apparently she didn’t like it.  I suppose we could have talked about it when we first met.  Her notes made the door, after all, but at this particular moment that didn’t matter one whit.   Kind of sad, I really loved that woman…I did.

In the remaining days we had together after that episode, I stubbornly guarded what remained of my door, insisting that regardless of how ratty it looks now, nothing — and that means nothing — more was coming off.  She did remove a few strips of Scotch tape that no longer had a purpose, I suppose that was good.

Now I find myself faced with an option.  Should I scrap book online or go back to the door?  Or maybe do both, perhaps they feed one another.  I’ll go ask my Facebook friends.  They have a poor understanding the inner workings of my mind and things.  So I can always count on entertaining answers there.

I put some scrapbook links below for you.

Off I go…


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