Unorthodox Governing

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Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

On the floor of the Senate yesterday, little Mitch McConnell, the Senator from Kentucky and — I might point out — Senate minority leader, argued that President Obama was trying to use unorthodox methods to govern the country.

Intelligent, thoughtful people already understand that just the opposite is true.  The GOP demonstrates once again by their recent bad behavior that they have no respect for either fact or precedent when it comes to governing.

What is unorthodox is trying to extort legislative change and back out of legally binding commitments, like paying the country’s bills.  It even gets stranger for members the Grand Old Pity Party if you believe their claim to be smart about things involving business, the economy, and fiscal matters generally.

In a nutshell, they’re idiots.

Or are they?  You have to remember that the foundation of conservatism has devolved into a quasi-religious order built upon a foundation of myth.  They believe there is a class of self-made “makers” and a mass of grubbing “takers.”  Ironic, too, when so many so-called makers enjoy the fruits of inherited wealth and really haven’t made anything of their own but a big mess.  It isn’t mom and dad’s GOP anymore.  But never mind…

The goal of conservatism today is to destroy the United States as we have known it for generations.  They don’t want public support for programs that provided security and safety to all Americans, regardless of class.  And they certainly don’t want to support anything you cannot afford to provide on your own!   If you’re poor…fuck you.

The truth is Mitch McConnell struggles to keep himself from appearing to drift left of the lunatic desires of the extreme right!  McConnell is bad enough, but the apocalyptic defeatists on the right want even worse from its leaders.

Christians like Michele Bachmann would rather you die in the street than get government support for health care.  Of course she isn’t alone.  That’s American Conservatism today.

But you cannot tell the truth and get people to support their own destruction.  Not usually.  So Republicans lie.  The turn facts upside down, they co-opt opinion, they create myths.  These are bad people.  Mitch McConnell and his peers cannot be so patently stupid that they don’t know what they are doing.

What’s unorthodox to people like McConnell is any resistance to their agenda.  Rules matter not a whit.  You simply cannot — and should not — concede anything to people like this.  Play by the rules or don’t play at all.  Expecting President Obama to rewrite legislation under the power of extortion is wrong.

Pass the goddamn spending legislation.  Then you can try to win an election and work your legislation the D/democratic way.


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