Let’s Put This Faux Distinction to Rest

Ted Lillie

Ted Lillie

Just heard Ted Lillie, former Minnesota State Senator and now current president of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans on TPT Almanac.

He explained that Democrats want a government that will take care of problems for people and Republicans want freedom so people can take care of their own problems.

That simple-minded distinction is naive and false and it has to go.  Worse, people like Lillie who should know better, sound foolish talking that way.   It is time to put that false distinction to rest.  Period.

What Republicans want these days really isn’t very clear.  That party is a mess.  But clearly Democrats don’t want a world were problems would be solved by the state.  What would that world look like anyway?  How would it work?  Who would want it?

Implied in Lillie’s trite distinction is the idea that Republicans respect freedom more than Democrats.  Obviously that is false, but dig a little deeper and you see it is ironic.  The party of obstruction that chisels away at citizen rights is a party that fights for freedom?  Hardly.  Authority, not freedom, is at the heart of conservative ideology.

designallProsperity and growth in this country coincided with progress in civil rights, public goods, and economic growth largely driven by progressive public policy.  You only need to look at the last 20 or 30 years to see what has happened since we changed political priorities in this country.  Are we better off today?

Understanding the conservative mind only causes headaches.  Don’t try.  If left to their own wishes, they’ll fade away.  Help them along by keeping them out of state office.  Don’t vote Republican.


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