Do you know what will be different about tomorrow?

Unlike the empty routine of previous tomorrows, this one will be different.  I can feel it.  The day will start somewhere in the past, maybe twenty years or more, I can’t say for sure…and all will be different again from that point forward.  A big day.  Maybe a reset that lets the Earth spin again.  I might start with some dusting, just a little, not a lot.  Then slow down and take some notes, evaluate the clutter, and move things around a little.  That sounds like a good start to me.  Then I’ll get dressed and enjoy my progress over a breakfast of eggs and toast.  (I feel smug already.)  I think I’ll wear some of my best socks to keep my feet up to the day’s tasks, whatever those tasks might be.  And with that I’ll go out the door tomorrow, walking more or less chin first into the big, bright future and kick some ass.  (Look out.)  Yes, it will be quite the day…and probably all before lunch, too, leaving an afternoon for nothing but piling on.   Pile it on!  Pile it on!  I’ll start that novel (what do you want me to write about?) or maybe study all the stuff I learned and now forgotten.  Maybe do both and more.  Tomorrow is a different day, the first of many more, so why not?  I’ll learn new habits. That’s what I’ll do.  I’ll stare at girls less, look humbly upon my faults (when I find them), and offer my jaw before I accept defeat…but I won’t give up my naps.  I’ll stick to a light lunch and avoid candy bars.  I’ll permit myself  thoughts both big and small and treat them all with equal respect.  I’ll make the home office swirl!  (Now I’m just making it up.)  It doesn’t matter!  Tomorrow will be a different tomorrow, different from all the other few thousand new tomorrows of recent record.  That is a promise.  This one will be different.  Damn yes, it will!  Simply because I say it will.  I feel it already.  Can’t you?



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