Post 666: A Bad Seed?

No, I am not talking about a veterans group.

This is my 666th post on A Little Tour in Yellow.  I am not a superstitious sort of guy — how dare you confuse my neuroses with superstition! — but I don’t see any point in testing fate either.  Call me an ontological pragmatist.  Or a sissy.  I’m going to error on the side of safety and not piss off any evil spirits!

Look familiar to anyone?

Look familiar to anyone?

By the way, you guys are following the 666 reference right?  Or did I set this up poorly?  You know,”666″ the Number of the Beast and all of that?

I think it best to tread lightly on the 666th post…

But not without having a little fun!  Boy, have I been waiting for a good reason to post this picture.  I love this picture!  If this picture doesn’t bring back memories of someone once special in your life, you really should consider throttling down on your ontological pragmatism and live a little.  After all, learning to sleep with one eye open could be more than just an interesting fact to share at cocktail parties.  It could save your life!

This is Patty McCormack and the picture is a caricature of her role as Rhoda Penmark in the wonderfully wicked film The Bad Seed.

McCormack plays her part perfectly.  If you have any sympathy for this kid at any point during the film you’re either a liar or a sociopath.  (Two exclusive groups, by the way.)  Non-sociopaths really want to see this little monster (I had written “bitch” but thought it might be too offensive, even thought bitch is half as offensive as my first choice) get hit by a bus or something.  Watch it with your friends and see who is sane or otherwise.

(Watch the final credits, too.  The very end is a bit redemptive and fun.  Sympathy for the Devil, perhaps.)

The Bad Seed also has roles for Frank Cady and Henry Jones, two actors who got sidetracked by television careers and appear in numerous shows in the 1950s and 60s.    (Green Acres, anyone?)

I can’t say I know what happened to Patty McCormack.  I linked her IMDb page here so you can look it up.  She might have had some trouble overcoming her identity with Penmark.

For my part, I simply love the picture.  And I can think of no better picture to grace the screen of tepid post 666.  Six hundred and sixty-six posts.  Oh look at us…We have come a long way, haven’t we, darling?  I heart my blog.



There appears to be a Post 666 of The American Legion.  No fear there.


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