Lost in the Woods

IMG_2315We never really have extra time during a work day.  There’s always something a guy could do, I suppose; but every so often the best thing I can do is relax and collect my thoughts.

I had extra time prior to a meeting this morning, just enough time to take a short hike at Lake Elmo’s Sunfish Lake Park.  The day was going well — it was still early — and I felt comfortable with a break.

I took a walk on a loop I estimated would take 15-20 minutes of my time, but two-thirds of the way on my hike a little more than 10 minutes, I guessed, I ran into fallen trees blocking the path.  I didn’t want to crawl through the underbrush dressed in a suit so I backtracked and looked for another trail that I thought would bring me up to the trail head.

Blocked Trail

Blocked Trail

That trail was much longer than I thought and when I was another ten minutes on that trail another pile of fallen trees blocked my way.  I looked at my watch and I was running out of time.

I wasn’t truly lost.  I knew where I was.  The problem was getting out.  All along the trails the city has placed beautiful little maps.  The maps don’t help much, however.  They don’t indicate where you are on the trail.  No “You Are Here” stars.  Not very useful.

Now seeing time ticking quickly away, I opted to get out of the woods by cutting my own path in the direction out.

I found a relatively clear gully and did my best to weave through branches and brambles.  Perhaps it wasn’t going to be the days best effort, alas.  Five minutes later I was dirty, scratched, and sweating like a roller derby queen.   But I was out!

You Here Somewhere.

You Here Somewhere.

And I got to my meeting on time.  I didn’t look all that great, however I clean up well and I think the scent of crushed plants and dirt masked the scent of sweat effectively.  My meeting lasted more than twice as long as scheduled so no one was in a hurry to get me back out into fresh air.

And if you’re one of those people — like my managers — who might think the occasional walk in the woods (and especially getting lost in the woods) is a waste of valuable go-time, you should know that we closed the deal today.  We’re already more than 100% ahead of forecast with this client with what now looks like even more to come.

The only thing that didn’t come out all that well is a pair of nicely tailored pants and a sturdy pair of black oxfords that need a good cleaning and polish.

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