A Sunday Stroll in Minneapolis

IMG_2178Today started on the wrong foot.  I made the mistake of watching the Sunday news programs and that rarely lifts a guy’s spirits.  The lunatics have too much control, dismantling what once worked in this country with one step backward followed by another.  Depressing.

The farmer’s market looked cheerful though.  An abundance of good things there, even if it does feel a bit kitschy at times.  Buying a carrot doesn’t have to be a political statement.  I won’t complain, tough, I’d rather have more of the feel-good community-positive enthusiasm than the backward insolence coming from the less-enlightened side of things.

IMG_2180Perhaps I should stop at the Free Advice booth set up by Lake Harriet  today.  One should be suspicious of free advice, however; regardless of how well-intended, does free advice sound like a good idea?  That’s the stuff your mother offers.

I propose instead to offer advice for a fee.  In fact you can come to the bar any day this week during happy hour — or the hours before and after happy hour — and my team of carefully assembled advice experts will tackle your sticky issues head on, $2 for geo-political or political scandals, and $3 plus expenses for anything requiring travel.  IMG_2181

Or you could just take a walk.  That sorts out a lot of issues.  That’s what I do.

I heard people complain about the weather.  I’m not sure why.  The lake is like glass, the temperature perfect, and it is all capped by a beautiful cover of thick grey clouds.  Beautiful.  Unless you plans included tanning or sailing or maybe both.

IMG_2182The “bad” weather kept the crowds down a little, but it was still a little crowded along the lake for good thinking.  I went back into the woods where thoughts run freely.

Like this stump, for example.  I walk this trail almost daily and nearly every time I trip on this stump.  I can’t figure it out unless I change my perspective and think about it from a more cosmic level.  Suppose, for example, my stumbling has some purpose.  Each time I trip on that stump I slowly wear a part of it away.  Over time, I presume, the stump will disappear, clearing the way and removing the problem.  Time will tell, but I think there is a lesson in this.IMG_2183

I think there is a lesson in this fallen tree, too.  Look at the roots exposed when the wind blew down this tree.  I’m willing to bet those rocks never thought they would see the light of day again being buried under a giant tree.  But look!  There they are, sunny side up, reminding the thoughtful — and the patient — to never give up hope.

In an earlier post, I suggested ways to fake appearing to be a professional photographer.  I found someone who must have read the post.  That’s satisfying.

IMG_2188Take a look.

She has a lot of things going for her here.  Of course she should be wearing cargo pants or maybe cargo shorts, but I didn’t mention that in my previous post.  Cargo pants recall the days when photographers had to load up on canisters of film and the look hangs on, not unlike aging rock stars wearing t-shirts declaring their commitment to saving countries other than their own.  But the shorts look good.

There are several signs that this woman might make it.  First — and I’m sure you noticed it right away — look at the position of that right arm!  If that doesn’t look like a wounded duck wing, I don’t know what does.  She has it almost perfect.

She has a couple other things working in her favor too, most notably the baby.  All professionals need


baby photos in his or her portfolio.  C’est de riguer.  Pros should have photos in a rose garden, too…and she has that!  In fact she’s combined both essentials in one stop.  Not bad.  There’s a bright future for this gal, if she keeps her eye on the prize.  I wonder if she takes good pictures?

Here’s a picture of cargo shorts — and an impressive bag — for illustration purposes.

Let’s see what else I have here.  Flowers, canoes, and a couple staring at the water.   Some random pictures.

IMG_2194When I got back around to the west side of the lake, the free advice people were still there and unoccupied.  I chatted with them for a while and it seems they take it all a bit more seriously than maybe I thought.  They were nice enough so I don’t expect they will do any harm.

The artist next to them though didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor when I suggested that they might give him some advice.

Some times it is best to just keep walking.  There is some advice for you.

Random pictures follow…

IMG_2191 IMG_2190 IMG_2186 IMG_2184



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