Feeding a Stray Cat

I am at a cabin in Osakis for the week.  I heard something outside that I thought would be kids going through my cooler looking for a stray beer.  It deserved a look.  Instead of a kid trying to sneak a bottle of pale ale, I found a cat pawing through a bag of empty cans and bottles I left on my deck.

It was a skinny, young cat and it scurried in a hurry when I came to the door.  A cat tearing up my bag of empty cans and bottles didn’t seem like a good idea and the cat looked hungry, so I decided feeding the cat would be a smart solution for both me and the cat.

I put together a bowl of leftover macaroni and cheese, sliced ham, and whole milk.  I set it out near the bag and the cat quickly reappeared, cautiously at first.  When it gained its courage the cat quickly gulped at the food, keeping one eye on me looking ready to flee in a flash if need be.

I don’t like to eat that way — rushed, threatened, and afraid — so I moved from the door and let the cat eat.  When I checked back the bowl was empty.  The meal must have been just right.  I made another batch of exactly the same and put it out, but the cat hasn’t returned.  Maybe I am more enthusiastic than I need to be.  I’ve been told as much before.

I suppose now I’ll attract racoons or something that will really dig into the bag of empty bottles and cans.  I am dead tired, though, too tired to do anything about it now.  I’ll leave the bowl out there for the cat or whatever else might come by.  Just too tired.

And this post is little more than a check in anyway.  I am writing only to tell you that I am on vacation, tired, and feeding stray cats.   I don’t even have energy for a photo.  Or links.  I’m on vacation.


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