Elusive Topics

They say a writer is best when he writes about something he fears or about something that makes him uncomfortable.  So I wonder why I want to write little stories about spacemen and sinking ships.

Skulls on a Beach: "Currents carry many d...

WordPress found this for me.  It understands.

And when is it too soon to write about ex-girlfriends?  There, at least, is something that would make me feel squeamish, if not downright fearful.  Whatever the case, it sounds like an advisable subject to pursue.  I’m surrounded by inspiration.  In fact, I believe there’s still some DNA evidence on the walls.  Mine.

Oh, but I am much more of a happy place kind of a guy to be bothered by all of that.  My boyhood teddy bear — Ted Ted — stands guard stoically on the dresser beside me, reminding me of daisy chain days and sun spangled dreams.  My Rosebud.

Ah, what if…?

Maybe a drink would help.  A good strong — i.e., full — tumbler of Makers Mark.  Amber colored dreams begin to feel warm like the sun spangled variety in little time.  Or so I’m told.

It is a feeling that I am convinced I know, convinced I know intimately, but cannot recall that I want again.  So what do I want to do?  I want to write about spacemen and sinking ships.  I can’t make that fit.

(I’m thinking that the feeling I seek is gone.)

Alas.  Just alas.

I’ll settle for the girlfriend and the booze.  That’s fine.


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