What Have I Been Doing…?

IMG_0553What have I been doing?

That’s neither an existential nor a hypothetical question.  It is an expression of confusion.  And I apologize for abandoning all of you so thoughtlessly, but I never quite recovered from my latest computer failure and seem to have become recklessly distracted since.  I can’t even put a thought together, not even a naughty one.

Maybe it is the heat.

I do seem to hear something banging at my bedroom window though.  (Really.)  I wonder if the recent storms pushed a branch out of place.  Or maybe they’re finally coming to take me to the River Styx.  I have no idea.

It is kind of spooky though.

I’ll be sitting here wondering — usually aloud — What have I been doing?  When, wham!  I hear something hit the window.  So far nothing has broken I haven’t heard any claws or finger nails scraping at the glass.  I presume I am safe.  But it is kind of spooky.  Best to ignore it.

Let’s move on.

Soft Shell Turtles.

I have seen a lot of turtles around the lake. Turtles on the march!

I did go for a walk today and I’m happy to say that while I was back in the woods I ran into the funny little man who roams the neighborhood…

Yes, right…

He’s an interesting guy.  Probably a few years young than me and about half my size.  His clothes are a mess of wrinkled disarray, but he really wouldn’t look right in anything else.   He stands with a slouch and walks surprisingly quickly with a shuffling gait.  (I have never seen him trip on a tree root.  Amazing.)

He makes a very enthusiastic effort to be friendly.  It can be a little unsettling at first.  A little too much eye contact.  Some might call it creepy, but I think he just wants you to know he notices you and it is his way of signalling that you are not going to pass without noticing him.

Most of our conversations go like this:

He says, “Beautiful day!”  (Very loudly.)

“Yes, it is.”

“What time is it?”  (Again, very loudly.)

I tell him the time and he answers “Oh, ok.  Thank you!  Have a good day!”  and walks on.

I probably run into him once a week and until tonight that’s about all we have ever said to each other and I’ve never felt like he expected more.

Tonight though when I told him it was 7:10, he looked confused and stopped.  I stopped, too, and pulled out my phone.  I wasn’t wearing a watch and I presumed he noticed.  How could I know the time if I wasn’t wearing my watch?

IMG_0547“Yep, 7:10,” I said.  It was actually 7:12.

“Oh, ok…thank you.  So I have another hour?  I think I have another hour on my pass.”

I didn’t know what to say.  What pass?  He appeared to be very unsure.  So I waited and he pulled a bus pass out of his pocket.

“Yes, 8:40.  I have another hour.”  More of a question than statement so I agreed.  He told me where he had to meet his bus and so on and I reassured him that he did indeed have an hour.

“Oh, ok…Thank you!   Have a nice day.”  And off he went.

For my part, I went into the woods and wondered why my friend didn’t warn me about the mosquitoes.  They are especially brutal right now.   They bit right through my shorts, underwear and all!  Crazy little bugs.  So I walked double-fast through the woods tonight and didn’t see much.  Seeing things is difficult anyway with all those leaves.  Deer and owls and raccoons can be an arm’s length away and you won’t see them, especially if you’re focused on biting bugs.

So I have been getting out and I know why my odd friend is always so interested in the time.

I’ll see if I can aspire to doing more with my time.  Starting tomorrow.


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