Computer Crash and Me

My Dell Studio 1735 — running Windows Vista (yes, I know) — crashed again.  This time my newly installed hard drive died.  (It replaced the original hard drive, which also died.)  So this isn’t the first time.  I hardly expect it will be the last.  It just happens.  I am on recovery four, maybe five.

I just need to know.  It is a simple yes or no answer and I can live with either.  Just be honest.  Tell me:  Do computers really work or am I so dull that I haven’t yet figured out the joke?

evolution of hard disk drive PCBs

Don’t worry.  I am somewhat conditioned for the let down.  On those rare occasions when my computer kind of works, for example, I get a kick out of watching ads for computers and software on YouTube.  I find the videos charming, in fact.  With the click of a mouse, magic happens!  Documents open, sums add up, pictures become videos.  It is amazing stuff!  Creative genius, really.  Where do you suppose they monkey around and create those videos?  A more important question is why, why do they do it?  It must be terribly expensive to make the impossible look possible.  And still, they do it.  I admire that…in a way.

About that moon landing…

Back on Earth — or as close to it as I dare claim to be — Carbonite is reinstalling my old files.  (Sure it is.)  Until that finishes doing whatever it is doing…well, I’m stuck.  When it does finish its little technological illusion, however, I’ll dig and poke around my files for something interesting to write about and find pictures to share.  Alas, all that has reinstalled so far is a collection of farm girl porn that somehow infested my file backup.

(I would go download an example, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea.)

I will be back.  Until then, may I recommend the “related” articles below.  If you’re looking for advice, look there.

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