Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle

Having accomplished nothing of any  importance tonight, I thought I should mention what I have accomplished — which isn’t much — and brag a little.  I have watched three episodes of Foyle’s War!

Detective FoyleImpressed?

Detective Foyle is a genius…kind of reminds me of myself, as a matter of fact, especially when I stay clear of the pub.

Foyle is a visionary — not unlike Detective Columbo — who discerns fact from folly instinctively.  He is balanced, fair, and calm.  Detective Foyle doesn’t allow himself any distractions.   And as if to prove that last point, he doesn’t appear to date (at least not yet in season one).  He is much too level-headed and sober for that.  A good example for a young man like me.

It occurs to me that all of my meaningful role models seem to be British characters from almost a century ago.  Siegfried Farnon, Lord Grantham, and now Detective Foyle.  Each so much more cool and stylish than any phony con man like James Bond.  If you want to live right and well, tune in to any British drama featuring men in tweed and fedoras and take notes.

So I like to think that tonight perhaps I am gaining a dose of life experience one 90-minute drama at a time.  And isn’t that worth something?


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