Maybe I Need a Project…

St Anthony Parkway May 8 2013Writing slumps have become more frequent.  Like my pictures.  Look at the picture to the right.  What is wrong with it?  Aside from any technical or composition issues that might exist, it is just another picture of a tree-lined path.  I have taken thousands of pictures like this.  Usually of the same path, too!


This reminds me of watching Kolchak:  The Night Stalker, a real weakness for me.  For no clear reason, I decide to watch an episode, then another, and then still one more.  Before long, I don’t stop Kolchak, Kolchak stops me.  I am numb and done.  No more Kolchak.  It fights me, wears me down, until I am an empty, drooling mess, dumber for the effort.

Soo Line Railroad Bridge St Anthony Parkway MinneapolisA Little Tour in Yellow feels that way right now.  I am an idea destroyer.  So it might be time to start a memoir or a play or a collection of racy short stories about coeds and their naughty mishaps at the olive oil factory.

Maybe political activism.  Investigative reporting.  Unicorn hunting.  (I only practice catch and release.)  Or how about a book-length study of Kolchak?

Until then, well, here is a picture of a railroad bridge crossing St. Anthony Parkway in northeast Minneapolis.  CN Train Northeast Minneapolis

And here is a picture of a train crossing St. Anthony Parkway on that bridge.  (You can’t hear it, but the engineer tooted the horn.)

Then here is a picture of a guy hitting golf balls into the Mississippi River.  I seemed to make this golfer uneasy, he wasn’t happy I had a camera.  I snapped this one in a hurry and scurried away with my prize.  That’s as good as it gets.

Feeling kind of Kolchakesque, isn’t it?

Mississippi River Driving Range Minneapolis MN


One thought on “Maybe I Need a Project…

  1. Gary Farland

    Some ideas: the search for a perfect car (for you), the search for the perfect girl (that you can get), the search for meaning as a barely civilized primate, and how women relate to a close/not close dimension in interaction, while men think up and down.


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