How I Know the Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked

Slightly different photo, makes it appear that...

Slightly different photo, makes it appear that the crosshairs have changed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am siding with the conspiracy theories.  We didn’t get to the moon and back.  Come on!  Really?  I am supposed to think that we got a group of guys to the moon, landed them there softly, and brought them back without crashing when forty years later we cannot build a simple computer that won’t crash?

We can’t even make a waterproof computer.

Come on, how gullible are we going to be?

The moon mission was all about split-second timing, precise calculation, and exact synchronization…and I cannot even get a MS Word document to open in less than 40 seconds.

And here’s the funny part.  Hold on.  They did this with old fashioned transistor computers stuffed into a giant tin can and called it a rocket ship!  Ha, ha, ha, ha…good god, there’s a sense of humor there!

Here on Planet Earth, my little laptop struggles to keep up with my keystrokes as I type.

You know, I was going to research video of the moon landing — look for film crew members reflected in the masks of “astronauts”, for example — but my crappy little post-Space Age computer cannot stream the video steadily.  It drove me to the brink of insanity, to edge of my endurance, and virtually to the dark side of the moon as a matter of fact!

By the way, all those techies and engineers and scientists who jump up and down and nearly wet themselves in an orgy of geeky celebration are not nerds, they’re just hack actors and extras pulled off the street because they own a white short sleeve dress shirt and a pocket protector.  (That’s why Hollywood is believable than real life…there is no real life.  Remember that.)

So I am just going to accept that somethings are not what they seem to be and we can live in denial all we want as long as it makes for a good story and keeps the peace, but can we please — please! — take on a more terrestrial challenge and develop a computer that flipping works?  Then and only then I might start to believe in moon missions.

Until then I am scanning for jet contrails and power transmission lines in those “Mars” photos they’re sharing with us now.  Tee hee…oh, how funny those science guys can be.



2 thoughts on “How I Know the Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked

  1. Patrick

    I haven’t researched this enough to form a well educated opinion, but I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that it may have been faked. 🙂 How weird is that? “Yaaaaaaay! I hope it was faked!” ?? Ah well…


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