Red Cow in Edina

The Red Cow, a burger and beer restaurant in the 50th and France neighborhood of Edina, is open and doing well.  Located in the old Blockbuster builder, the facade doesn’t promise much, but inside things are churning nicely.

Red Cow Edina MinnesotaOverall the place is clean, comfortable, and well-run.  The menu is simple — burgers, some sandwiches, salads, and soups, and a mix of burger bistro appetizers — and the bar serves only wine and beer, but a wide variety of both.

Servers and staff are very friendly and attentive.

(c) Red Cow 2013

(c) Red Cow 2013

I was at Red Cow late in the afternoon Sunday.  Both the restaurant and bar were busy, but not crowded.  Customers appeared to be mostly local and mostly guys in the bar and small groups, families in the restaurant.   This probably will never be a destination restaurant, but likely will become a solid neighborhood choice.

I started with soup which brought the only frustration of the night.  Not the soup, more about that in a minute, but with my pet peeve:  Staff who don’t know what the soup of the day is!

This always drives me nuts.  My quirk.  I believe my love of soup in part depends on my service litmus test.  I want to know if they know what soup they are serving.  They didn’t. Restaurant owners take note:  When the staff doesn’t know what soup you’re serving, it sends a signal that no one cares and no one is ordering it.

(c) Red Cow 2013

(c) Red Cow 2013

The soup, however, was excellent.  I got a cup of chicken wild rice ($4.00) and it was annoyingly perfect.  Very simple, gimmick free, and excellent.  Plus…guess what…it was hot!  I don’t mean warm, but hot, a rarity today.  It had that fresh from the crock heat, too.  Excellent.

I had a Royal Hamburger ($11.00) — chosen from advice given from one of my friends and former waitress at an Uptown restaurant who has found her way to Red Cow — and it was very good.  Excellent beef, prepared and cooked perfectly.  The Royal is served with pork and brie.  Very good.  The “tomato jam” was so-so, but a nice touch.

The burger game with a small cup of so-so fries.  I am not the biggest french fry guy so maybe I should withhold judgement, but fries were a little on the limp side.  They have other options.

Beer ran in that now all-too-common $6 range, wine a bit more.  I didn’t delve too deeply into this, but I’ll be back for further research.

There is a small parking lot out front and on-street parking thrilling the neighbors nearby.  50th and France shopping just down the block.  For me, when I get my new cruiser, it will be a short bike ride away.  It feels like the kind of place that will have some summer promise.  I liked it.



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