Wrapping Up Anything is Possible Week

The conclusion of Anything is Possible Week is more a sense of relief than satisfaction.  With a nod to Anything is Possible Week, later tonight I shall kick off Low Expectation Week, a week when one day can be as unremarkable — even pitiful — as the next and there is no reason to care.  More about that later.  First we have to survive whiz-bang Anything is Possible Week.

Even the Apocalypse Can Be Beautiful.  Chin up.

Even the Apocalypse Can Be Beautiful. Chin up.

Today also happens to be Palm Sunday.  A fitting day for ending Anything is Possible Week, I think…or, shoot, actually a fitting day for beginning Anything is Possible Week, maybe.  That’s it!  Once again my disappointments have all to do with timing.

But back again to Palm Sunday.  I bring it up because I ran into one of my devout Catholic neighbors who also happens not to like me much.  (Unbelievable.)  I always make a point to be extra friendly.

I am certain she was on her way to Mass and I wanted to impress her with my Lenten drinking sabbatical (NB Anything indeed IS possible), but I don’t want to dash her twisted impressions of me.

eyes_wide2-600x768I believe, for example, that she is one of the neighbors who doesn’t miss anything that happens in the neighborhood and I’m convinced that I sleepwalk.

How else would you explain the disappearance of my black leather eye mask and the Spider Man bedsheet I use as a cape?  When you wake up wearing only a pair of heavy red wool socks, have scratches where you shouldn’t have scratches and sticks and leaves in your hair, something happened.

Nevertheless, chatting about something different — like Mass or Lent — might have gone a long way to warming relations between me and that bitter bitch, but, alas, the opportunity was missed.  Again.  (Tee hee!)  Maybe next time.

Hey, I have a lot to do!  Time to get going.  It is the last day of Anything is Possible Week — where there’s life, there is hope — and it is the eve of Low Expectations Week.  Plus the picture of the maid reminds me that I have to dust.  Always dusting.

No time to waste, no rest for the weary.


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