Drinking Days and an Anything is Possible Week Update

Anything is Possible Laura BradyMy drinking days are behind me.  Maybe.  This Lenten drinking sabbatical has been event free and an interesting stunt, but it might have ruined a good bar man.

Last night I had a pint of Summit Extra Pale Ale and it nearly wrecked me.  I went home feeling sick.

I got home, had a bowl of soup and an Alka Seltzer, something I enjoy very much, but none of it helped.  I tried to read.  Not possible.  My head was all gummed up.  So I watched three hours of Parks and Recreation, which, I should point out, wasn’t a bad thing.

In fact, watching three hours of Parks and Recreation is by far the most significant and positive accomplishment of Anything is Possible Week.

(Then I fell asleep with this loop on a loop, played it all night long, and I am a better man because of it.)

Bullington TweetWhere the hell did I get the idea for Anything is Possible Week in the first place?!  (Look, I even doubled my punctuation it is such a significant and screaming question.)  I got the idea from some tweeter’s tweet.  Let this be a lesson to all, be careful when following another man’s tweet.

Such a major let down, if not disaster.  I can sum up what happened in Anything is Possible Week in one word, but that wouldn’t be fair.  Let me modify it a bit and just say pretty much nothing.

anything-is-possible-racquel-morganNow this is significant because I earn my keep by actually making things possible, if not for others then most certainly for myself.  During Anything is Possible Week I only managed to get frustrated, disappointed, and numb-drunk after drinking one pint of Summit Pale Ale.

Does that sound like much of a week to you?

I suppose I could look at today as Day 6 of Anything is Possible Week and head out loaded with optimism.  And I think that’s what I’ll do.  What else is there?

Maybe the best of the week has been saved for last.  Perhaps Anything is Possible Week is needed to set up a big fat wonderful week next week, a surprisingly rich and successful week, a week unmatched by any other for its rewards and happiness.  Maybe because of this week, next week will be the changer.  This could be it…after 2400 weeks on this planet, give or take…maybe this is the Ur week, the week when things turn, the week when a pint of Ale reminds me that I am still here, flawed, but here and it is best to hold on because Post Anything is Possible Weeks will be better than Anything is Possible Week!!

scrabble-anything-is-possible_w654There I go again, punctuating my punctuation.  But that might be ok.  Suddenly I feel better about my disappointing Anything is Possible Week, regardless of how disappointingly disastrous it has been.  I am ready to go out and finish the week.  In style.

But first…I have to finish Parks and Recreation, Season Four.

5 thoughts on “Drinking Days and an Anything is Possible Week Update

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