Anything is Possible Week: Day Three

Day Three

Day Three

Think about this for a minute.  If other people were not such a pain in the ass, life would pretty damn great.

We know it is true, instinctively we do, but what can you do about it?  Other people can ruin the best and most promising plans.  And once upon a time, I had the best and most promising plans, at least for part of today, Day Three of Anything is Possible Week.

But then poop.  People got in the way.  Frustratingly simple bonehead people.   My head hurts and I look back on a day lost.

So, now…naturally…I am tempted to misquote Sartre No Exit when an unhappy hell dweller complains that “Hell is other people.”

Before we jump to misanthropic conclusions, however, we should ask, what would an existentialist like Sartre mean by such an idea?

He wouldn’t mean what I mean because first off he was a deep thinking guy and, second, I have no deep esoteric meaning in mind whatsoever.  I mean precisely and nothing less than what most people think it means.  Very simply:  Hell is indeed other people!

Take Day Three the way I have, take it hard and rough and deal with it.  Hell isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t easily understood.  I know, I have been there and back, and then there and back again…several times, in fact, all before noon.  Then I went back again — for the hell of it, naturally — to see if anything had changed.  (It hadn’t.)

Day Three:  As it appears in my quaint little dreams

Day Three as envisioned by me…yesterday.

Today was one of those frustratingly stupid days.  As a matter of fact, I dealt with stupidity on such an impressive scale  that I dared not take a call from my mother for fear that she too would say something intolerably stupid and further ruin my stupid day.

When the office called, I put cotton balls in my ears and chewed tin foil to create a pleasant, peaceful distraction.

And just an hour ago I ripped off a toenail and I wish I could do it again, such were the rare moments of pleasure for me today.

Day Three of Anything Possible Week?  It is Day Three of Anything is Possible Week and possibility spewed in abundance.  Damn it!

Being civil has been difficult.  Blissing out, impossible.  Getting out of bed pointless.  And this day — Hump Day — traditionally a good day, became a day of bozos and nincompoops!

Makes me sleepy…doesn’t it make you sleepy?  Such an unexpected lullaby.  Effective, too.  Angst and sugar plums, muddled in the head, makes a guy eager to hide in his bed.

But  before I let my dreams tumble hellward with the rest of the day, I thought I would try one last time to make something useful of Day Three.  And guess what, my computer trips up, crawls, and begs to be shot.

Dell Computers and Google Chrome?  How about before we put a man on the moon again or build a car that drives itself, we create a computer that works like they do in all those YouTube how-to videos?  How about it, I ask?  How about it, I demand!

Sour…just sour.  Bitter, cranky, and sour.  Like my day, like my week, like the girls I love.

This day just isn’t going as I imagined it should.  And who thought up “Anything is Possible Week” in the first place?  I’m sticking my finger in his eye.  But, first, I am taking that nap.    I’m going to waddle up in what are surely twisted sheets and beat lumps out of my pillows.

Who’s with me?

And as we go, here’s to making Day Four — that’s tomorrow — of Anything is Possible Week a winner!



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