Anything is Possible Week: Day Four, A Preview

We have reached Day Four of Anything is Possible Week and I am heading out the door.  If I am dealing with mature professionals today, we’re already ahead of yesterday. Way ahead of yesterday.



And one little tweak to my schedule has put me on the right path:  I am not meeting with any attorneys, people who work for attorneys, or  anyone who has been touched or even brushed by the legal profession.

(If there is a lawyer in your life, buy him or her an appointment calendar — preferably one with instructions — and an etiquette book.  And ask why attorneys can’t make decisions.)

Someone back at the office will make any so-called necessary contacts with disheveled legal types on my behalf today.  The rest miss out.  (Screw them.)  I’m busy.

Honestly, for a profession that wants to take itself seriously, it is infested with people who have low standards of professional etiquette and decorum.  My time is valuable — yours is too — and I am not wasting mine, not today! because today is Day Four!  It is Day Four, Day Four of Anything is Possible Week and I can feel it…I can FEEL it…I CAN FEEL IT!


Ok, time to move, time to see if anything really is possible.


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