Why You Need to Know Me in Minneapolis

Editor’s Note:  Not sure what is up with WordPress formatting today.  Sorry.

I might not be exceptional and handsome (although, come to think of it…I am pretty amazing and not bad to loo at), but I am most definitely unique.

Stop Sign

You can talk to every other person you can possibly find in Minneapolis, everyone from a law-abiding neighbor, school bus drivers, priests and nuns, school teachers, cops and fire fighters, certainly even the mayor and the dog catcher.  I don’t care who it is, none of them is like me. Why?

In Minneapolis I am the only driver who stops at stop signs.  The only person.  Period.  If you see a car stop at a stop sign, that is me driving.  (Your odds of so easily identifying me at this way at stop lights, however, go down, although not by much.)

I cannot explain it, but in Minneapolis slowing down at controlled intersections is good enough.  Stopping “in obedience to a stop sign” is the law in the state, but it simply does not happen in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city.  And if you see a yield sign…watch out!  Minneapolitans don’t recognize that sign or don’t know what it means or both.

English: mongolian STOP sign (ЗОГС)

Over 73% of kindergarteners can guess the meaning of this sign. 100% of people in Minneapolis — less one — wouldn’t care.

Overall Minnesotans are among intelligent life’s worse drivers.  There are parts of Costa Rica, greater Samarkand, and rural southern Italy were driving is purported to be worse, but until I see it, I’m not convinced.

So, in review, if you want to meet me — or if you just want to meet someone unique for a change — come to Minneapolis, hang out at an intersection with a stop sign, and wait for a car that stops..  And when that  happens…you found me!


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