Event Promoters Take Note

Lake Harriet Parkway Road Closed Race

I heard a loudspeaker calling out names and numbers from down by the lake this morning and that was enough to get me outside to see what was going on.

The key here is I already knew what was going on, it was another race.  We have races on a seemingly weekly basis around Lake Harriet.  Signs had been posted for over a week and those of us in the neighborhood know if its Saturday, there’s likely a race down by the lake anyway.

But hearing the event nagged at me.  It created interest in the event.  I felt like I was missing something, even though it was only another race and one that I already knew about.

So I filled a go-cup with coffee (skipped the whiskey this time) and wandered to the band shell to see what was going on.

Guess what I found.  A 10-K race!  Quelle surprise!

Even a jaded guy like me can get fired up and motivated by a little activity.  I had a good time watching the runners and bought cookies from a girl scout.  A good start to the day.  If I had not heard the announcer, I would have gone through this morning having completely forgotten the event.

Just a little extra often is enough.  If it sounds like something going on, it registers as something going on.

Ok, let’s move on to something else…


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