I Started to Write Something, But…

…I cannot write a damn thing.  Obviously.

Hit when the hitting is good, or something like that.  Hit when its hot.  Right now the only thing that’s hitting are ideas, one after another they hit the trail.  (Can ideas hit the trail?)  One will not coalesce with another.  No way, not happening.

But I am forcing myself to write something anyway and you’re reading it.  Push through, write on…kind of like public speaking, you only have a moment to recompose and you cannot go back, it’s best to put your head down and move to your next point.  No looking back.  Keep going, keep doing it…like this.

Less than 12 hours ago I was full of ideas.  My thoughts we sharp and nimble.  This morning, however, I feel about as sharp and nimble thinking as a Republican.  That isn’t good.  Frustrating for me, but you know…I almost feel sorry for Republicans as I think about it.  I mean I literally feel it, feel what it must be like to be so…dumb.  In fact, I almost understand the appeal of the stupid clichés they follow…Ha!…They cannot think bigger!  It is a real experience, a real way of being, and, alas, kind of sad…

But back to me!

What should I write?  (Submit ideas here.)  Golly, I had such brilliant ideas last night.  Wow, I was something!  (You would have been impressed.)  The lesson here, boys and girls, is strike with the idea is hot.  Don’t turn out the lights and tell yourself you’ll be double-sharp in the morning.  No!  Put your ideas down when you have them.

Otherwise you might be writing something like this.  Or worse…empathizing with Republicans.



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