Stop Voting for Republicans

My parents were good people, but they might have let sleep with used dry cleaning bags and eat lead paint.  I can’t say for sure.  But even a guy dropped on his head a few too many times can see that voting for Republicans is a bad idea.

Never mind that the GOP openly declares a war on America, pitting “makers” against “takers.”  (That’s you, Grandma, you miserable leech. And thanks for the cookies.)

designallI won’t name names, but I  hope no one has forgotten the GOP presidential debates already or the goofy things some people say about race, Muslims, pregnancy, and such.  Shut it down!

We are not shutting down this ignorance.  Just the opposite.  We are supporting it.  Tell me, since when is it a good idea to ignore fact and history to the point of wanting to restore a more desperate era 100 years in our past?

Give me a good reason — just one! — why we should follow Boehner, Cantor, McConnell et al down that rabbit hole.  Just one!  Please post it in the comments below.  (I am still waiting for a list of cool Republicans, too…chirp, chirp.)

Let’s look at the most recent GOP scandal:  The Sequester.

Here you have a situation forced upon the president by an entirely uncooperative GOP-controlled congress and they put the blame on the president.  This happens in school yards.  It shouldn’t happen among adults.  What’s worse about this is they get away with it!  Americans have to stop being so plainly stupid.

Republican leaders cannot be as stupid as the American voter.  They see that their policies are destroying opportunity in America, breaking down the American economy, and destroying generations of progress because that is precisely what they want to do.  They want to destroy the America that has done so much for so many and rework it into an “objectivist” utopia where men stand opposing each other at gun point from their tar paper compounds.

Where's Bachmann's Thought Police When You Need Them?

Where’s Bachmann’s Thought Police When You Need Them?

Read a newspaper, talk to your friends, go walk down the street…are things better or worse?  More than 30 years of less is more has not worked.  When you strive for less, you get less.  You don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room to see this.  More than smarts it takes courage, a person needs the guts to trust his own experience in the world.

Until someone can present intelligent conservative arguments — ideas organized around reason and facts — I have no more time for backwardness of the GOP.  Our decline is not a bi-partisan issue.

Let’s start by seeing how GOP policy has contributed anything positive in recent decades.  Anything?  Should be a simple enough assignment, but the answer is lost in the emptiness of GOP rhetoric.  There is none.


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