A Point Opposing Gay Marriage

Minnesota State Capitol building in Saint Paul...

Minnesota State Capitol:  A beautiful building holding some ugly ideas.

A point opposing gay marriage and a reason to be concerned about those opposing it.

There are many ridiculous reasons why the frightened and confused oppose marriage rights for all, but then there are some that stand out for the simple stupidity of the argument.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, today, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, a Republican from Glencoe, made this thoughtful point:

“There is no gay gene. OK? So the concept that you’re born that way and it’s an immutable characteristic is an unscientific lie.”

Ok, Glenn…Sure, whatever you say.  There is no “gay gene”.  So what?   You know, I don’t want to sound jaded or appear not to care, but tell me, what is the big frigging deal?  Why do you care?  Let’s unpack that.

Another Minnesota state representative — who happens to be a pastor — said he would go to jail before presiding over a marriage ceremony for a gay couple.  My first thought is good, it sounds like “self-deportation” logic and in this case I like it, but who really thinks marriage rights threatens religious freedom?  You would think your lawmakers — people sworn to protect the Constitution — would be better informed than this.

Glenn Gruenhagen

Glenn Gruenhagen

The reality is they don’t really worry about genes or religious freedoms, they are bigots.  Yes, bigots.  Look it up.  Don’t like the word?  Don’t like what it means?  I don’t like it much either.  Nevertheless, it is what it is and these people let their irrational insecurity push them to bigotry.  Period.

Does a gene exist for love?  How about a gene that establishes a preference for brunettes over blondes?  And why should it matter one way or the other?

There are many socially respected and legally protected preferences and choices that have nothing to do with “genes.”  We could make a list if it were relevant.

But the point is it isn’t relevant.  We don’t need “scientific proof” to defend straight and gay and if we do it isn’t necessarily in the genes anyway.  Science is more than biology and biology is more than genetics.  Glenn Gruenhagen seems to know otherwise, but I don’t have much trust in his grasp of the subject anyway.  I doubt Glenn is back home thumbing  through back issues of Scientific American.

We take pride in living in a developed nation, but this is the twenty-first century and still we face stubborn bigotry and ignorance that costs good people their rights and freedoms.  Should pride rise from this kind of backwardness?

Tolerance is a key value to strong and free democracies.  Ironically, however, we cannot sustain a progressive society by tolerating oppressing ignorance.  If you truly believe in rights and freedom, respect the rights and freedoms of all people equally.


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