Twin Cities: KSTP or WCCO?

I don’t watch KARE-11 news (too skippy) or that other channel’s news…you know, the channel with Judge Judy…because it is too…I don’t know what…too forgettable?

WCCO News TeamSo I tend to watch The evening news on either KSTP or WCCO, and in reality mostly WCCO.  I hate to say it, however, but I am beginning to sour on WCCO and find myself logging more time with the gang on Channel 5.

First of all, the evening news these days is more of a quick headline review with pictures and graphics so does it really matter?  If you’re generally tuned in and paying attention, you can get most of your news from all sorts of sources throughout the day.

If you’re tuned in and paying attention, that is.

A lot of people are not tuned in — at least not to the news of the day — nor do they seem to be paying attention.  For more and more people, it is a big deal if they get any news at all.  And for many it is television news at the end of the day.  So I like to see television news take itself seriously.

KSTP isn’t my ideal.  Far from it.  They are less objective about news and generally lean toward the conservative side of issues.   KSTP’s reporters also tend to be a bit more melodramatic than most television reporters, too (and that’s saying something).

The Golden Days

The Golden Days

But KSTP gets the edge when it comes to news.  They simply cover more of it, especially local and state news.  They also have a better handle on my favorite subject:  The Weather.

(They do make stupid mistakes, too, and that can be fun.  Tonight I believe KSTP told us Kenya is 76,000 miles from Minneapolis.  They give Republicans too much credit, too.)

WCCO, on the other hand, increasingly resembles the crap the networks broadcast in the morning.  It’s too informal, too lifestyle-driven, too much human interest.

Where KSTP specializes in inexpensive young talent, WCCO specializes in stroking overpaid egos and inviting you in to feel like you are part of the gang.  Neato.  Unfortunately — for me, at least — I would rather see more in-depth coverage of local and state politics, business, and the like than someone  ice bowling with a frozen fish.

When I grow impatient with a WCCO skit posing as a news story (road trip, anyone?), I just switch over to KSTP and can count on seeing something of substance, even if it is biased and slanted.

Look, WCCO has polish and traditionally maintains a degree of sophistication that is rare today, but seem busy squandering it.  I fear they are slipping.  Too much gimmick, not as much substance.  With all their talent, they should be doing more.  (Where is that I-Team tradition?)

Go back to your roots, WCCO.  Pat Kessler and Esme Murphy are models to follow.  Jason DeRusha does a fantastic job crossing between news and human interest and is a key asset in this market.  Keep him and keep him front and center.

WCCO’s prime time anchors, on the other hand, feel stale.  You’d think they were married or something.  I don’t need that kind of chemistry.  I need a bit more substance, something like a mix of gravitas with panache.  Maybe I just miss Don Shelby‘s ego and intellect, but that’s what I miss.

What do you think, Twin Cities, am I right or am I wrong?  Or doesn’t it matter?  How much news is in the news?  I know…It is only 30 minutes, but it is thirty minutes that can matter.   Respect my time.

Letterman is on the air now.  Maybe he has something newsworthy to say.



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