Michelle Obama and the Oscars

What does it say about the state of politics when Michelle Obama‘s Best Picture cameo at last night’s Academy Awards causes disunity and bitterness?  Conservatives — proving again that they are what they are — complain that Hollywood’s “liberal elite” tipped its hand, showing political favoritism.

You know what…shut the flip up.

michelle-obama-oscars-520x447That prime time idiot Rush mocked it and this afternoon people in once-progressive Minnesota are calling WCCO radio smelling something sour.   Some are even criticizing the bangs!

Come on, people.  Really?

Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America.  Let’s show some respect, if not gratitude.  Michelle Obama added a dash of class, something the ceremony often lacked.  And for many people, especially children, the First Lady is someone they look up to as a role model.  Given the context of Hollywood celebrity, this is a refreshing twist.

Can you imagine Democrats raising a fuss if Laura Bush presented an award?  What about Nancy Reagan?  She could have conducted séance and gotten away unscathed.

Of course the hand that really tipped is the conservative hand.  Maybe there is a reason why they pick on Hollywood’s success.  These are creative, intelligent, and open-minded people who create a  successful synergy between art and business.  One might surmise, therefore, that there is a case of resentment at play here or maybe jealousy.  And I can understand it.  If conservatives mock and complain about the success of intelligent creativity perhaps that is all about looking from the outside in and not possessing it for oneself.

Keep whining if you can’t say anything nice, I suppose.




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