About Academy Award Priorities

Calm down, those are seams in the dress...

Calm down, those are seams in the dress…

Because I cannot get under 140 characters, I am putting this tweet into the blog…

Rather than cutting off award winners — even tapping them on the back to signal times up — why not cut some of the song and dance numbers that plaque the show?  Make the winners the priority, not the side shows.

And the Oscars continue a slide toward the crass.  Was that Ted skit and presentation really needed?    Jokes about sex and religion…kind of tacky, especially for a show you hope strives for class.

However perhaps nothing tops The Onion’s twitter faux pas.  A tweet that nine-year-old actress Quenzhane Wallis is a cunt.  My oh my oh my…The Onion has been off its game for a while and tonight’s tweets were mostly flat or at best bizarre (which is part of the schtik, I suppose), but this crosses the line.

The highlight?  Well, I am a Anne Hathaway fan, have been ever since I saw Peter Pan as a little boy, and tonight Anne did nothing but reassure me in that desire.

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