Minnesota State Rep Steve Drazkowski … For Real?

My never-ending and completely unsuccessful search for an intelligent voice coming from the unraveling Republican Party came to a dead stop tonight when — wham! — stupidity struck like a bolt out of the blue!  Well, not really — we are talking GOP after all — but Minnesota State Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) does seem to be…well, let’s be kind and say, a little simple.  He’s simple.

DrazkowskiDraz — a nickname, I guess — suggested that Democrats supporting home health care workers who want to unionize was some kind of a political stunt.  Talking with Pat Kessler, political reporter for WCCO-TV, Draz could hardly contain himself.

“It is a rubber stamp!…it’s payback!”

Rubber stamp?  Payback?

Draz tells Kessler that Democrats are supporting home health care workers because home health care workers and their supporters voted for Democrats.  That, I guess, is payback.  I have no idea what the rubber stamp is supposed to be.

Well, rubber stamp this, Draz:  You’re an idiot!

It might come as news to a guy like Draz, but when voters elect you to office they expect you to represent their interests.  That’s what representatives do, unless they are GOPers, of course.  Then you represent…well, I don’t know what you represent.  The decline of America, I suppose, but that’s hardly anything to brag about.

Perhaps if GOPers like Draz understood that reps represent the interests of their constituents and not some failed ideology we might actually make progress again in this state.  But don’t hold your breath.  The GOP is not the seat of higher intellect and political sophistication.

Argue from facts, reason with logic.  Calling political support a “stunt” is far from convincing.  In fact, it is downright troubling.

For another example of GOP backwardness, look no further than…Steve Drazkowski!  Hey, there he is again!  (I had to dig a little further…)

Draz wrote a bill that would make it a felony to enforce federal gun laws in the the State of Minnesota (brilliant), and more specifically any “new” federal firearms law that would further restricts firearms rights.

300px-StupidstampFirst of all, Draz, is it proper to cherry pick legal protections and enforcement to fit political priorities?  Are you not trying to codify a political interpretation of the law?   You’re kind of evading the constitutional process of law and review that involves Congress and the Supreme Court, too, aren’t you?  State representatives still take an oath of office, right?

Secondly, in an issue of Constitutional rights, state law defers to federal law.   What other laws governed by the Constitution of the United States of America does a good Republican want to disregard?

Let’s go back to the home health care workers we’re rubber stamping, whatever that means.  What Democrats are doing, Draz, is responding to the interests of their constituency.  That’s what reps do.  You, on the other hand, are wasting our time with absurd legislation of questionable constitutionality.

I have a big rubber stamp for you, Draz.  “Stupid”

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