Lenten Sabbatical: An Update

russian-poster-no-drinkingJust over a week ago I began a endeavor which coincides with Lent.  I gave up (most) drinking and took up Thomas Merton.  More specifically, I gave up most alcoholic drinks.  And now — 196 hours in, give or take (I started early) — it is time for an update.

First sit down, because anyone who knows me even just a little will find this hard to believe, but I am breezing through it!

No one is more surprised than me.  I don’t miss the social drinks.  In fact, I am finding the break to be quite enjoyable.  I even have a little kick in my step.

I worry about my future, though.  What will become of me should I turn into a full-on teetotaler?  What will become of the people who own the bars and restaurants I frequent?  Will their kids get braces?  Will the price of Brunello di Montalcino come down again?  Will I remain irresistible and handsome?

These are questions with unknown answers and I admit that I find that rather distressing.  But here I am, more than a week in and I don’t notice any difference one way or the other.  No anxiety, no temptations, no real hang ups.  Of course I was hoping to lose a little weight, but that goal is being offset by my frequent popcorn and ice cream binges.  I think the net benefit, though, is tipping in my favor.

In due time…in due time…

When I committed to this stunt, I included several exceptions, by the way — pre-arranged indulgences in anticipation of the need — and these I shall share with you as they come along.  (Come back and look for a list soon.  Need to fix my scanner first.)

These include a birthday party that I will be attending Saturday.  But you know…I might really be off the deep end, I might sip iced tea all night.


2 thoughts on “Lenten Sabbatical: An Update

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