About this Hole in the Ice that the Russian Meteorite Supposedly Caused

Chebarkul Lake Meteorite HoleI have been looking at this picture of the hole in the ice on Chebakul Lake in Russia.  They say it was caused by that exploding meteor, but I am not buying it.


Look at it.  It is perfectly round and clean.  This thing came zipping through the atmosphere at crazy fast speeds, right?  We saw Fearless Felix fall from a helium balloon tens of thousands of feet above the earth and had he had the misfortune of free falling into that lake, he would have done more damage.


Ever shoot a gun into a frozen lake?  I have.  Well, it was a pond, but still frozen.  I don’t remember clean little holes.  In fact I remember being disappointed that it wasn’t clean little holes.  The ice kind of exploded instead.  You’d think a meteorite or asteroid or whatever it was hurling to earth at bullet speeds would shake up the ice a little more, wouldn’t you?


I think the hole was made by scuba divers or very enthusiastic ice fisherman.


A view of the Halifax Explosion pyrocumulus cl...

A view of the Halifax Explosion pyrocumulus cloud, most likely from Bedford Basin looking toward the Narrows 15-20 seconds after the explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And all those poor people injured by shards of glass.  A good lesson learned here.  If you see a bright flash, duck and cover!  There’s the once-famous Halifax Explosion, too, that one should keep in mind should you witness a large explosion in the distance.  Be prepared for the shock wave!


The effects of the shock wave from the Halifax Explosion is graphically described in a novel I read once.  Someone help me.  Was it The Shipping News?   Anyway, take note, don’t look until after you get creamed by the shock wave.  Survive with as little injury as possible first.






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