Grammy Awards and Me

Originally known as the Gramophone Award.

Originally known as the Gramophone Award.

I understand that tonight is the “Biggest Night in Music” but I don’t think so.  I have never really been much of a fan of overly produced and hyped awards entertainment, but the Grammy Awards is among my least favorite.  Come with me as I try to pin this down.

Now let me qualify something here.  The Grammy Awards is among my least favorites.  I honestly don’t begrudge anyone who gets into it and so on.  This is more of a personal thing and a question of category, maybe.

There is so much musical talent out there today and it has never been so available.  Computers and the internet have made it relatively easy for artists to produce and promote their talent and they can do it across an endless array of genres.  Getting noticed and building an audience — i.e., marketing — is the challenge.

And it is hard to see how the Grammy Awards — or any large-scale commercial awards ceremony, for that matter — is anything but a big promotional piece.  Maybe that’s what has me cool on the ceremony.

In the major categories, the nominees, for the most part, are already winners, big time winners.  Which of them gets a turn on stage is the only question.  So it seems more like a popularity contest among members of a club rather than true “best of” sort of event.  Which is fine.

How does one get on the list of consideration, for example?  I know how to register a tomato at the state fair, but the Grammy Awards?  That is something different.

I do find myself enjoying the spectacle of it all, of course.  The entertainment can be fantastic.  Even the faux drama and the bad performances are good.   And I do think about the pre- and post-parties with a touch of envy.  (I would be great company at a Grammy party, by the way…People love me and I keep up with the even dullest of conversations quite.)  Plus I agree with millions of others, that Taylor Swift (does she need a date?) is as cute as a bug’s ear.  But, well, I don’t know…If I miss the Grammy Awards, I miss it.

Not Elvis accepting a Grammy, but I love the photo.  (He won a Grammy for Best Sacred Performance, by the way.)

Not Elvis accepting a Grammy, but I like the photo. (He won a Grammy for Best Sacred Performance, by the way.)

A year ago I missed it.  Or did I?  I think we caught the tail end.

Recently I have been sneaking out to see local bands anyway and that’s where my music memories are most strongly rooted.  (Although I did see the King of Rock and Roll — and, no, I don’t mean Petula Clark —  in concert just before his death.  I was nine.)

Of course I feel differently about the Academy Awards, but that is only because I still see myself on stage one day winning something.  Best Title Writing?  Best Screenplay?  Best Sound Editing?  Maybe Best Actor in a Leading Role?  I’m not sure yet.  I am still working on it and keeping my tuxedo brushed and clean.  And I would be great fun at pre- and post-Oscar parties, too, by the way.  (People love me!)

But tonight it is the Grammy Awards.  Well, maybe they’ll have showing at the bar.


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