A Random Aside

The Life of Emile Zola

The Life of Emile Zola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I searched for a meaning for “Random Aside” because it seems like a phrase in search of a meaning.  I tend to offer one or two of these so-called asides, random and otherwise, myself from time to time, but that’s to be expected because I don’t know what I am doing.  Nonetheless, they seem exist, they seem to happen whether I am involved or not.

Take this post, not only is it random, but it is on a time limit.  (I have a lot to do tonight.)  I had started a couple other less random, more thoughtful posts, but surrendered them to an unexplained desire to wander.

My first post tonight I titled “They’re Called Gun Nuts for a Reason,” but that was quickly becoming sarcastic, childish, and simple-minded.  Plus we already know the are called gun nuts because they are gun nuts.  Hardly seems worth the effort to bring it up.  (You’ll know one when you meet one.)

So I moved on to a post I called “The Strange and Comic Irony of Emile Zola:  The Movie, not the Man.”  This didn’t go very far because other than reading a few books by the man and seeing a film — one of those dramatic biographies (cf. The Life of Emile Zola (1937) — I don’t know much about the guy, although it does seem like a good project for the near future.

And thinking about the near future and thinking about A Little Tour in Yellow, I am thinking I might add a very thoughtful tab right up there next to the one now called “Random Asides” (which, incidentally, is where all of this started tonight in the first place) and title that tab:  My Lenten Journey.

I am not anything you would call a practicing Catholic but recently the idea of sacrifice appeals to me for some reason.  Fitness and good health appeals to me as well.  So I thought I would give up — mostly give up — wine and drink for the duration.

I do have exceptions already written into my promise.  Should I get engaged, for example, I will have a drink.  Should I get engaged and then married I will have a drink.  Winning the lottery might justify a drink.  And I am still on the fence about how to handle Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays.  Those have always been important celebratory days on my calendar, but we might have to limit the fun to only President’s Day this year.  (Isn’t this exciting?)

So I am looking forward to February 13 (I think that’s the day) when we step out into a strange new world and look at things through clearer eyes and an even more sound (if you can believe it is possible) body.

But let’s not get ahead of things here.  I think a glass of Brunello and a the remaining chapters of The Master and Margarita are in order.  Then on to something more from Emile Zola!

Zola!  Say it with me, it is fun…Zola!

(Ha!  Got this done in under fifteen minutes.  I’m more efficient already.)


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