Where Have I Been?

English: Bulgakov

Not me.  Mikhail Bulgakov 


Trust me, I have been trying.  I simply haven’t had the umph to write much more than the sort of stuff you are reading right now.  But that’s ok.  I am settling, like an old building, and will rest more firmly on my foundation when this listing finds its end.


Until that happens, why don’t I share some trivia?


You probably don’t know, for example, that nearly all my posts are written in bed.  Yep.  It is true.  And I am thinking of changing that approach so people can divide my blogging oeuvre (thank you Marieke) — my opus, as you might say — based on the bed and post-bed lacunae.  Or something.


I do many things very well in bed — primarily involving naps — and I am not sure accomplishing written work is one of them.


And as I list and settle, at least in an epistoler sort of way, I have been reading.  My bedside books keep me company and I am very much impressed by the books I haven’t yet read.  (cf. Photo of books.  The best are hidden from view.)  I want to point out in particular The Master and Margarita, a book I will be returning to in just a moment.


Bedside BooksThe Master and Margarita is — in a word — a gem.  It is clever, engaging, and I suspect woven with a great deal of metatext.   Author Mikhail Bulgakov, apparently a well-known and tolerated Stalin-era Russian novelist, pulls off a thoughtful, surreal kind of satire that is entirely original and accessible.  And I learned today that Mick Jagger is somewhat taken by the book as was one of my humanities professors, George Kliger.  That’s all the endorsement I need.


The copy I picked up is a 1967 paperback which smells delightfully of the old musty bookstores you cannot find anymore.  I enjoy thinking that this copy might have been on a rotating book rack in a drugstore somewhere back when drugstores sold books and people bought them there.  I have a nostalgia for that sort of thing, especially those things I never really knew myself.  Fantasy can be more real than reality, which, by the way, might be a theme at play in The Master and Margarita.  I’m not sure…yet.


So I better return to my reading.  And, please keep in mind that while I might not be writing much and I expect you suspect me of slacking, nothing could be further from the truth.  I have been working hard, reading a lot, and keeping people happy.  That will hold me for a while and it will have to hold you, too.


Read a book.  Do something good for someone.  And make no excuses.  That doesn’t sound all that bad, does it?





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