Guns and the Law Abiding Citizen

I just like this picture...and this is my blog.

I just like this picture…and this is my blog.

What is wrong with the argument that gun regulations will take away guns from law-abiding citizens?  Well, as I see it, of the tens of thousands of people killed by guns each year — guess what — the overwhelming  majority were killed by people who had been until that point law-abiding citizens.

Never mind that gun regulations will not take guns away from law-abiding citizens anyway.  That’s not the point.  They will just make it easier for guys like me to confiscate your guns when I start to take over the world and subject you to my twisted fascist socialist Nazi commie slave state new world order empire which means — oh no — you won’t be able to shoot your neighbor when he comes over to borrow a cup of sugar because you mistakenly thought he was a stranger set on killing your family by beating them to death with a tea cup.  Don’t worry about that.  Those days are years away.  We empire builders have a lot on our plates.

That's me...watching you.  Yes, you.

That’s me…watching you. Yes, you.

But for those of you that don’t know I was joking just then, any gun control laws likely to pass — which isn’t likely — will have little impact on law-abiding citizens.  There might be some sense in keeping arsenals of military grade assault rifles and the like under control, but we don’t seem to possess the collective sanity to see things that way. So calm your little itchy trigger down and take a deep breath, cowboy.

And as you do, think about the “Law Abiding Citizen” argument for a moment and you can see right through the logic.  Most crimes ARE committed by law abiding citizens until poof — as fast as you can pull a trigger — they aren’t.

Helpful and not-so-helpful links below.


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