Laura Ingraham, Are You Serious?

Good lord…I stumbled upon comments Laura Ingraham made following Bob Costas‘s comments about Kansas City Chief’s linebacker Jovan Belcher‘s murder-suicide…and I have to ask:  Laura Ingraham, are you serious?

Laura, from one blonde to another, Shut the fuck up!  You're making us look bad.

Laura, from one blonde to another, Shut the fuck up! You’re making us look bad.

Look all the intelligent things that should be said about gun loonies has been said, including Bob Costas’s simple and reasonable comment, but Ingraham puts another spin on the guns-don’t-kill-people-people-kill-people absurdity.

Ingraham suggests that we should not blame “gun culture” for the murder-suicide because Belcher was strong enough to choke Kasandra Perkins, the woman Belcher shot.  Hey!  He didn’t need a gun, therefore the gun didn’t kill Perkins, Belcher killed Perkins.  Got it?

There’s something sick about this, something I can’t quite pin down.  It is an underlying argument protecting guns because violent death is taken for granted.  If Belcher hadn’t had a gun, he would have killed Perkins anyway.  So there!  That sort of thing.  Of course I’m not sure how he would have killed himself, but maybe we don’t care about that in our culture of violence and death.

What gun-drunk people — like Laura Ingraham — refuse to admit is the real correlations between guns and death.  I don’t want to be as sick as Ingraham and suggest that a band of strong men and women could invade your local mall and cause mass murder via a choking melee, but really…does anyone think her pitiful defense of guns makes any sense?

In reality guns kill because they are simple and effective, and unless you’re watching a gratuitous Quentin Tarantino film, there is real distance — spatial and otherwise — between a shooter and the victim.  Once a bullet blows through a victim’s head, there isn’t much else to be done.

Listen, Laura Ingraham, you knob, choking is entirely different.  The attacker might even come to his senses, something that is hard to change once a trigger pulled and a bullet is tearing toward a victim at thousands of feet per second.  Guns kill more people in the United States because we have more guns than other civilized societies and very few laws regulating them.  If, as you suggest, people killed people because they physically can kill people, we would have a lot more choking murderers, would we not?  Or maybe hammer murderers.  Or poisonings.  Or how about hit-and-run car murderers?  Think through your argument.

With logic like Laura Ingraham’s being taken seriously, it is hard to see how we can ever expect to be smart about guns in this country.  God help us.


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