GOP Fail

Have Republicans offered a plan?

The GOP — a group of people who claim to be concerned about deficits — sure have an odd way of dealing with it.

Economic growth, not spending cuts and tax increases, will do more to solve our fiscal woes than misguided less-is-more strategy.  Republicans are unwilling to tolerate a deficit, which would be part of the wisest solution, and they won’t tolerate any tax increases.  So where is the GOP solution?

110721_mcconnell_boehner_cantor2_605_apBehind all of this is a GOP strategy to gut government.  This failing solution is the means to their ultimate goal:  Less government.  If the middle and working class suffer for it, so be it.  They will have to learn to live with less in a GOP future anyway.

But conservatives don’t even have their own best interests in mind.  Certainly the wealthiest among the conservative constituency can tolerate economic hardship better than most.  “Hardship” is a relative experience, after all.   But then again the wealthiest — those funding the misinformation campaign — have enjoyed unprecedented gains…historic personal gains.  Does this surprise the conservative rabble?  Apparently not.

And to “compromise” by insisting that you get all you ask and more, is not compromise.  House Republicans act as if they have a corner on political support.  They don’t.  In the end we have a combination of bad ideas, bad politics, and bad people.

A stronger economic future will serve all best, rich and poor alike.  If the wealthiest of the fortunate gain at a slightly slower pace in the near future, in the long term things look better after years of robust economic growth versus a stagnate economy that runs with fits and starts.

Look at it this way:  Would you rather be middle class today or in 1960?  We have all been better off because of economic growth, not because of smaller government and less taxes.

zxEC6Smart people understand this and the GOP is not smart people.  To propose that the blame for our economic crisis is shared evenly across the political spectrum is part of our current problem.  We have experienced the failure of GOP priorities for years (anyone happy with where we are today?) and to ask for more of the same is reckless and harmful.

Ultimately the GOP position really is all about undoing the welfare state.  They want to reduce the social programs and safety nets that supported America’s strong economic growth.  Thus you often hear conservatives muddle the picture by talking of independent — and solvent — programs like Social Security, something, by the way, they want to change, too, regardless of its true impact on deficit and our economic malaise.  It is important to keep this in mind.  This “debate” is about more than our economic future, it is all about our social future as well.

So in the end we all lose.  Higher taxes, lost value in investments (watch tomorrow’s stock market), and a divided, dysfunctional government.  The change starts with voters.  If you care about the future, stop supporting the failed extreme positions taken by today’s tea-drunk Republican Party.



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