Put the Blame Where it Belongs…On the Shoulders of the GOP

Reports increasingly suggest that no “fiscal cliff” compromise will be reached before the end of the year and with this all signs point to a rather dismal start to 2013.  Where should the blame rest?  The diplomatic answer is “Washington”, blaming the nation’s broken political process.  But if the political process is broken — which it obviously appears to be — then the Republican Party broke it.

Republicans are unwilling to compromise.  Period.  It is their way or no way.  Last week House Speaker John Boehner could not rally support for a compromise proposal — one that essentially endorses failing conservative values — and that demonstrates how radically Republicans are not even willing to present plans to negotiate in the first place.

fiscal-cliff-cuts-cartoon-parachutesAt the most simple and basic level, the GOP takes positions that don’t stand up to reason.  There is no sound economic argument, for example, that defends the extreme government-gutting positions taken by the GOP.  Their fears over current deficits and future taxes are absurd and frankly abusive, taking down our economy while dismantling government programs.  We are not getting more for less, we are simply getting less and less.

After thirty years of supply side economics you would think smart Americans would understand that the “trickle down” argument is hollow one and has not delivered promised results.  In fact it has delivered just the opposite.  (cf. Starve the Beast to understand the true conservative agenda.)  And now, in the midst of a self-inflicted economic crisis, we intend to inflict more economic pain on the people and economy of this country.

Unfortunately we seem to have a lack of smart, informed voters — especially at the caucus level!  — steering the right people to political roles.  In the end today’s elected conservatives are exceedingly radical and in  possession of no shortage of bad ideas.

But again it worst than bad ideas.  It is bad politics.  One might even say without inaccuracy it is about bad people.  Better Americans — the educated and informed — understand solutions to our problems exist, but the backward regressives have been given too much control and as a result we are out of control.

What can you think of people who govern in fear of reprisals from caucuses led by people like Michele Bachmann for Christ’s sake?!  Good lord!  Are we really this tragically stupid?

This is not a bi-partisan problem.  If you really care about your future and this country stop voting for today’s GOP.  Fear and ignorance are not the qualities of strong leadership, and we are suffering through our decline because we are forced to concede to this elected imposition of backwardness.


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