Christmas Eve

What should I do with this Christmas Eve?

A year ago I was with a friend and her family for dinner.  It was a nice, easy night.  I got a jump on New Year’s resolutions, too, resolutions that must not have been all that important.  I can’t remember them anyway.  And when I look at where I am now, I must not have taken them too seriously!  Or I suppose they could have been rather unimpressive. goals  (“In the new year I will save money on wine and women.”)

christmas eve

christmas eve (Photo credit: liangjinjian)

True…I am much more successful at my work this year compared to last, but if I were honest it wasn’t all that horrible a year ago.  (I simply should be doing something different…or doing what I do differently.)

So, what do I do?  Meet friends for a holiday drink?  Stay in a read a little more John Dos Passos?  I do have that new Norton Critical Edition of the King James Bible — a door-stopper of a book — begging for attention, too.  I could watch a Jack Klugman film, but I am more in the mood for Billy Mummy or Robert Hardy.   Or wait!  How about that oft-promised reworking of my blog?  No, another time…

I’m not sure what to do and so it feels like the perfect night to start a tradition.  After forty-plus years you’d think something “traditional” would be ready and waiting, but…alas…rather than going through traditional moments I am instead writing fill on my blog digging for ideas that don’t seem to exist.

Oh, and for the record, don’t worry…I am a happy sort of a guy.  This isn’t one of those woebegone posts that you might expect to find written by fun good-looking guys on Christmas Eve.  Just kinda having a Charlie Brown moment, however, and perhaps I am waiting for Linus and the gang to make sense of it all for me.

Tell me again, Linus, what’s the meaning of it all…?


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