I Am Beyond the Point of Caring, But Not Beyond the Point of Writing Again.

Generally I don’t go back and change posts on A Little Tour in Yellow, I rarely edit after I write.  Last night I discovered I had posted a draft, however, and made an exception to that habit.  (And likely ruin a good post!  But it was too crass…)

It has given me a chance to reflect.  And you know what…I still I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.  I am increasingly reluctant to lend a civil ear to the rhetoric from the right.  It’s simply too numbing.

This Doesn't Feel Quaint Anymore

This Doesn’t Feel Quaint Anymore

Take a listen to a fresh example, Wayne LaPierre‘s response to increasing calls for gun control laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  Is this for real?  The guy had a week to come up with something.  He could have taken steady aim at a reasonable target, but instead took a reckless shot from the hip.  (Sorry.)

Thirty years ago we didn’t need armed guards at elementary schools.  We claim we do today.  What happened?  This pathological fight to keep our well-regulated militia free from any regulation whatsoever is a symptom of an overall insanity that should raise loud alarms and instead becomes a rallying point for even more insanity.

The lack of civility and progress in this country is a symptom of intellectual decline.  Period.

Then on the right — a party that by any objective measure is wrong on the facts on everything from science to economics to the social benefit of robust government — makes claims they cannot support by fact.  When I was a kid, lying was sign of bad character, today it is a credential for leadership.

This same party — the party claiming to support individual autonomy and freedom — imposes shockingly regressive social views.  Do people listen?  The last year, an election year, was an embarrassment of bigotry and ignorance.  Review any 2012 Republican presidential debate and hear god evoked time and time again.  If you’re not blushing, certainly god is.

We have idiots out there saying they don’t want gun regulations because they don’t want government telling them what to do.  Often these are the same cretins who try to impose their narrow social and religious beliefs on good people, beliefs about marriage, for example.  You cannot reason with people like this.

Why don’t we call these people what they are?

They also claim they don’t need — never did need, in fact — the burden of government to help them survive and prosper in the world.  Fine.  Get off the goddamn roads and stop drinking clean water and good luck if anyone violates your rights.  Wouldn’t it be easier to leave government?  Just go away.  Self deport!

The same for the stupidity that insists upon ruining our future with political games of chicken based on opinion over fact.  Show me an educated Tea Party opinion…maybe an expert on global warming or economics?…by anyone who has a valid argument to support the opinions that you claim trump the facts.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Just show me an argument!  Reason with me.  Tell me how supply side economics has worked.  Convince me that millions of guns make America safer.  Show me some science that contradicts the science of climate change.  Defend your imposing religious views.  Show me God‘s footnotes…

I am too smart to be stupid, too informed to be conservative.

Stop imposing your stupidity on me!


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