Guns: I am sorry, but…

Reach for the gun

Reach for the gun (Photo credit: ialla)

Monday night a Rochester, Minnesota, man shot his sixteen-year-old granddaughter when he mistook her for an intruder.  I’m sorry, but the man is a disgrace.  And anyone coming to his defense should be ashamed.  What the hell is wrong with people?

Are we such cowards that seeing a person we THINK we don’t know is a threat worthy of deadly force?  Apparently so.  The Rochester incident proves that some  individuals are not responsible or strong enough to be entrusted with so-called “castle doctrine” laws that allow fools to shoot at will.  Where do we draw the line?  Do we maintain the law to protect cowards?

The use of deadly force is justified if someone perceives a reasonable risk to life and personal safety.  Correct?

Consider this:  If you end up shooting your granddaughter accidentally, was your safety ever really threatened?  Could a person take a more defensive position to assess the threat before killing someone?  I think so.  This guy killed his granddaughter, people!  Why?  Because he acted as judge and executioner upon seeing someone outside his door he THOUGHT he didn’t know.  A real threat worth of lethal force, indeed.

English: Houston Gun show at the George R. Bro...

Of course we know that crazy people show up at back doors everywhere all the time shooting innocent old fucks for fun, right?  Oh, but let’s give this pathetic gun owner a break.  He claims he was concerned because a break-in of some sort had been reported in the area recently.  So obviously the Rochester man’s house was next in line.   The solution?  Shoot first, ask questions later.  Do you think I am wrong?  Well, that’s what happened, isn’t it?  Tell me what happened.

The Rochester man shot first and now there are plenty of questions.  One of them should be the state of fear in this country.  When I was a kid we more or less ran freely through yards and neighborhoods.  Perhaps it is a good thing most kids stay in texting friends and playing video games.  If kids played outdoors today, they’d be fair game.  Yes or no?  If a granddaughter is fair game — which she is if this shooter is not prosecuted — who isn’t fair game?

The insanity of our gun culture is pathetic.  Period.


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