Coffee Maker Mystery

DCC-450BK12Every morning this week — it is Tuesday already — something strange has happened in my kitchen.  No, it isn’t the phantom mouse that I wrote about earlier.  No, this is more bizarre than something non-existent nibbling on a paper bag.  And, unlike the “mouse,” this has happened two days in a row and at approximately the same time each morning.

It works like this.  I wake up, close my bedroom window because it gets cold outside in the winter (sort of), and get dressed.  My bedroom has been chilly this week so a hot cup of coffee seems right, especially on a dark winter morning.

I still tip-toe toward the kitchen, stop at the door and listen…listen for any nibbling sound…before spinning quickly around the corner and jumping into the room — “ah ha!” — expecting to see the “mouse.”  I haven’t yet snuck up on it, however, whatever it is.

So I was starting to think I was going crazy…until this week, when it became apparent that something truly strange is afoot.  It starts with something as simple as brewing a pot of coffee and goes entirely wrong from there.

I am doing nothing any different to brew my coffee today or yesterday that I have done many, many times before.  I put fresh water into my little 4-cup Cuisinart coffee maker, insert a new filter and fill it with fresh coffee grounds.  I’ve done this thousands of times before, I’m convinced I have even done it in my sleep.

Nothing else in my routine changes.  I usually fix a little something for breakfast.  Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a prince, you know.  Recently I have been keen about English muffin egg sandwiches, which times nicely with the brewing pot of coffee.

At some point during this routine, that’s when it happens, something strange happens.

The coffee maker does its thing.  The cold water turns hot and flows from the coffee maker into the carafe just as it should.  Steam puffs and the machine wheezes when the coffee is almost done and in a few minutes I have coffee.  But not any more.

Here’s what isn’t happening.  The coffee isn’t brewing.  Instead I get something that looks like tea and has only a hint of coffee flavor.  The water is hot and the coffee grounds are soaked.  Therefore it appears that the water did flow over the grounds, but the coffee isn’t being made.

Help me with this good people of Blogtopia, what could possibly be happening.

How can a coffee maker make coffee and not make coffee?


4 thoughts on “Coffee Maker Mystery

  1. angrymanspeaks

    Very interesting. I’m not sure what to say. You could try running a pot of water with alot of white vinegar in it. This will clean out the system but to be honest; I’m not sure why that would be the problem. If you find out what it is; let me know.

    1. Tour Guide Post author

      It is a mystery. Today I have coffee. I don’t know what I would have done wrong Monday and Tuesday, something different from what I have been doing for many months, but I didn’t have coffee then. These are the important questions that motivate great thinking, though, aren’t they?

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