Giddy as a School Boy…Snow!

Snow, fabulous snow!  I love snow!  In fact of all the things I enjoy, I can say I don’t think I have ever experienced my limit of snow.  Not once from my lips have ever been uttered:  Enough.

So today is a great day for Mr. Me.  I am a little tired — I didn’t sleep much last night, too excited — but there will be plenty of time for naps.  (I just awoke from one minutes ago.)  At the moment, the focus is snow, not sleep, anyway.

Much to be done, such as decide which heavy socks and which boots to wear.  Then the pants.  Do I break out the snow pants or just layer up a pair of cords?  (Great fun!)  Then the shirt and sweater…layering offers a lot of possibilities.  And I might even wear my new car coat, even though it isn’t really “snow gear” per se, I want to see how it handles in the weather.

110222-snow-minneapolis-hmed-630a.grid-8x2Seriously…I can’t think of anything to complain about…

Wait.  There is one thing.  One thing indeed.  TV and radio news people who complain about the weather.  Come on, really?  It must be a course in journalism school.  Two common — too common — tropes that news people lay on us that drive me nuts and both are weather related.  The “bad hair day” and the groan whenever the weather isn’t sunny and mild.

If you live in Minnesota, it is going to get cloudy, cold, and wet every once in a while, at least once upon a time this was true.  Now, well, we’ve ruined the planet so it’s hard to say what the normal is anymore.  Nevertheless, whatever happens, suck it up and enjoy it.  If there is anything that is going to annoy the pants off me, it is weather whining.

Oh, and Black Ice.  Black ice IS NOT any ice that happens to form on the street or sidewalk.  News people like to hype things and tend to get overly melodramatic (another J school course, for certain) and in Minnesota it is the dreaded evil element known as Black Ice that gets the hyped attention.

Black ice really is the thin sheet of ice that can form in extremely cold conditions.  In Minnesota the real culprit is ice that forms where car exhaust freezes, usually at intersections where cars idle.  It is black primarily because it is thin and dirty, like the women I love, and it is especially dangerous because it is hard to see and unexpected.  Black ice can form on otherwise dry winter roads.  Whenever I see a news yokel stare into the camera with his or her best gloomy doom face and emphatically warn of “black ice” I want to punch someone.  So don’t do it, unless, of course, there really is black ice out there.

Ok, now back to enjoying the day…the beautiful snowy day!  I’ll have to get out and take some pictures.  It was too dark earlier and my camera phone isn’t doing so well these days.  (I need a new camera.)   Until then…I am getting geared up with what I have and going out to have some fun pushing people out of ditches and walking old ladies across the street.  Don’t be surprised if you see me recapping it all in a pub or two along the way either.

It is snowing!


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